About Us

What is tree service?

They are all the services that relate to the care of trees, maintenance & removal.

The need for tree service is triggered by a few different reasons:
To maintain the tree and keep it healthy.
To treat disease or insect infestation.
Txo increase and maintain the value of your property.
aesthetics – to improve the look of your landscape. This can be achieved through trimming or shaping a tree with the help of cables and braces.
safety – to keep your property and your neighbor’s property safe. Regular maintenance is important because some safety risks might to be noticeable to someone who’s not an arborist. to make room – for a construction project, house addition or to get more sunlight on a specific part of your property.

We can help you manage any issues that you encounter with your trees, whether they’re leaning over your home, driveway, solar panels or pool, they’re overgrown, dead, or just a general fire and safety hazard, let us know what it is that you’re looking to achieve and during our free estimate we will fully evaluate your needs and provide helpful advice along with a low-cost tree trimming, removal or general care estimate, these are just a few of the perks you’ll receive when you choose the best Tree Service Broward has to offer.

We are family-owned, We offer exceptional services ranging from tree removal to landscaping services. Our pride is in our quality of workmanship and skill when it comes to each job. We believe that your satisfaction is number one, Our job sites are well-maintained, kept clean and under safety guidelines at all times. Call us today to discuss your next tree or land project!

As the premier Tree Service company in Broward County we are Licensed, Insured and A+ rated, we have hundreds of great reviews from our happy customers, many of which have had us return year after year to care for their yards and protect their property from the dangers of unhealthy trees. We do not consider a job complete until our customer is 100% satisfied, our goal is to ensure that you’ll be a customer for life and we take that seriously, in order to earn your business we offer the best Tree removal and care rates along with the highest quality services.